The story behind the Deuter flower.

You might have wondered why some Deuter Backpacks come with a flower attached?! The packs with flowers attached are actually specifically designed for women. The Yellow Alpine Lily is used to help identify these female-specific packs when consumers are shopping! (They’re easy to recognize on shelves/ on websites etc.)

Why do women need different bags?

Well… Compared to men women have shorter torsos, narrower shoulders, and different hips. Deuter’s design team has designed their packs specific to these differences so that they fit better for both women and men. The attention to detail is exactly why Deuter makes the best gear in the industry.

Also as a bonus, the flower has a great hair elastic attached to it. You can read more about Deuter SL Women’s Fit Packs here.

Interesting? We think so! Have you tried a women’s specific pack before?

View all of our Deuter SL Women’s Fit Packs.—packs designed by women to fit women.

(Photos: @wurzelzwerg22 in the header, @brookewillson in the article via IG.)

9 replies on “The story behind the Deuter flower.

  • Alexandre Léonardi

    Hi Deuters team
    I’d love to have one of those flowers as they are pretty and I have long hair the elastic could be handy (but mainly they’re pretty^^).
    Thing is, I’m a guy, I bought a Deuter Guide recently but the men version so no flower… So same question as Linda Flavell, is it possible to get one? I don’t mind paying for it at all 🙂

  • Chandra Pointer

    I love the flower on my Deuter packs and noticed that the new packs on the SL models don’t have flowers. Are they going away for good?

    • gwyn jones

      Morning Chandra,
      I’m afraid yes the flower are not on the new packs they now are marked with a yellow label. The label is attached to the backpack with our new bracelet.

      The bracelet repalces the flower, adn is made of 100% sustainable, bluesign® certified material

      The figure eight knot design is reminiscent of a climbing rope. Because climbing knots are essential for survival for mountaineers!

      On the other hand, the knot in the rope symbolizes the figure eight, which stands for the circle of life, for connectedness, for infinity, for infinite strength. And that’s exactly why the new bracelet fits especially well with deuter, with all female mountaineers, nature lovers – with all strong women.


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