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Perfect for exploring new cities on your travels, trekking on meandering paths, or hiking to that elusive waterfall for a well-deserved dip. Whatever your plans, Trezeta boots and shoes are up to the task and will provide you the fit and comfort Trezeta has been perfecting for decades. The combination of Italian craftsmanship, advanced traction and Water Stopper membrane will allow you to stay out all day in any condition.



Explore the sights and enjoy the trails.


Head out on the trail and enjoy nature.


Support for heavier loads on the trail.


Footwear for Junior explorers.


Insulated and ready to play in the snow.

Whether you’re just exploring a new urban landscape or you’re discovering the serenity of a new mountain pass, Trezeta footwear can help you realize your goals in comfort, style and with a proper bio-mechanical foundation.



In the 1920’s, Vittorio Zizzola began making 5 to 10 boots per week in his small workshop in Crespano del Grappa. 100 years later Trezeta is still going strong.


Whether you’re out walking, exploring a new city or taking a hike, these waterproof shoes offer advanced support, shock absorption and comfort all day long.


From recycled Vibram outsoles to 100% waterproof Water Stopper seam-sealed sock construction. Find out more about proprietary technology and partners.


Trezeta footwear is an investment so taking care of that investment is the key to them lasting for many years. Learn the proper steps to keep your footwear in great shape.

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A selection of fashion-forward outdoor lifestyle, urban and hiking footwear made for adventures on and off the trail.

Trezeta has a real prestigious story, which started in the 1920’s from the hands of Vittorio Zizzola, who began to make 5 to 10 boots per week in his small workshop in Crespano del Grappa (TV). Vittorio used to ride his bike to Montebelluna hills and sell his boots to families, farmers, and mountaineers. Within a short time, his boots gained a prestigious reputation. The Zizzola tradition continued and in the Sixties gave life to the independent brand of Trezeta. Over the years, Trezeta has developed its product range to cover all user categories in the Outdoor sector, from gentle trekking to Hans Kammerlander’s impressive ascents.

In early 2002 Trezeta® was acquired by MGM, which is still pursuing the strategy of quality and innovation, always paying attention to consumer needs and expectations. This is the modern trend Trezeta® has embraced since 2002. The “About Walking” concept is focused on walking and hiking as an impulse to adventure or, more simply, as a daily choice for health and well- being. Walking means being alive, having thoughts and ideas, and exploring your surroundings at your own pace. With the new “Natural Attitude” campaign, Trezeta® expands its horizons with a more nature & travel oriented collection. The hiking and light hiking lines are young in style and top-class in comfort. With technical prerogatives together with an easy-going approach to design and style, Trezeta® becomes a real lifestyle and the key to peaceful outdoor and travel pursuits.

Over the years, our team has developed extensive knowledge and has set on a path to create footwear that supports you every step of the way. Trezeta’s most ambitious objective: to turn innovation into its principal “product”. We normally think technological research when we talk about “innovation”, but to “innovate” means – primarily – knowing how to change everything, moving ahead with the times but on a path that enables one’s distinctive identity to be maintained. The ability to transmit what one is, and also to transform one’s most distinctive qualities into added value. In this guise, the challenges are and will always be many, but so will the successes.

Full Grain Leather
Full grain leather footwear requires careful regular maintenance to keep it comfortable and waterproof and, most importantly, to give it a longer life. We recommend removing the laces before each treatment and paying special attention to the gusseted tongue. After each use, the footwear must always be left in the open air to dry. Use a brush and hot water on the most stubborn dirt, preferably in conjunction with a special detergent, and then leave to dry completely (do not dry in a dryer as the sole could become unglued and parts of the boot could distort).

Regular impregnation treatments are recommended to prevent water absorption, followed by the application of a wax emulsion to impregnate the leather again. The use of oil and grease-based products is not recommended and when the footwear is not being used it should first be left to dry and then stored in special bags or boxes, in a dry, airy place, with a wooden shoe-tree inside to keep the shape.

Nubuk is best cleaned with a soft bristle brush, a leather or fabric cloth, and special cleaning products. We recommend brushing after every use, using regular circular movements and never staying too long in the same spot. To remove stubborn stains, we advise the use of special liquid or spray products available on the market, which you should first apply to your cleaning cloth, then wait for the leather to dry and finally brush the area in question to remove all residue.

Suede needs regular treatment and constant care to prevent early aging and irremediable damage. We advise removing surface dirt by brushing the leather when dry and using a brush moistened with water for stubborn dirt. Do not use nitro-based or other degreasing products. If you wish to apply a waterproofing product, use only water and silicone-based treatments. We strongly advise against the use of products containing oils and animal fats, as well as the wearing of suede footwear in environments containing acid substances that could adversely affect the waterproofing treatment applied to the leather.

Fabric Footwear
Fabric footwear is particularly susceptible to water and dirt and therefore requires special treatment. First use a brush to remove most of the dirt and mud and then clean deep down using a foaming product. Repeat these steps to remove any remaining dirt after initial cleaning. Fabric should always be treated with a waterproofing product to prevent dirt from penetrating into the fibres.

Trezeta Water-Stopper Technology
From harsh climates, to crowded urban streets, high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies accompany you on your daily adventure. Trezeta’s exclusive Water Stopper technology consists of a thin polyurethane membrane, treated to ensure the footwear is perfectly impermeable.

The proprietary Water Stopper technology consists of 3 layers:
1. A protective and anti-abrasion outer layer
2. A very thin membrane that keeps water droplets out but is microporous so water vapour can escape
3. An inner mesh layer that helps with moisture wicking and increases the durability of the Water Stopper membrane

Vibram® Ecostep Rubber Compound

Ecostep is a rubber compound formulated by using 30% recycled material from the outsole manufacturing process. It has long been used as an additive to asphalt, improving highway durability, and in children’s playgrounds making them safer. Now Vibram takes its recycling efforts one step further by incorporating their scrap into quality Vibram soles.

Since its very beginnings as the world’s first lugged sole for mountaineering, Vibram has been linked to the outdoors in a special way, and the company is always searching for creative ways to respect nature, and minimize the environmental impact of its activities. With Ecostep, Vibram found a way to continue their commitment to the outdoor conservation effort and still provide a high quality product to customers. The result is a quality outsole which delivers all-day comfort for traveling, outdoors and for everyday use. Trezeta uses Vibram’s Predator II outsole on many of their models.

Trezeta’s Women’s Specific Fit

Volumes, design and materials… these design elements are amalgamated with extensive knowledge of foot bio-mechanics to create a selection of footwear that is not just a smaller version of men’s boots in different colours, but a completely different fit altogether. Women’s feet are narrower, their heels are smaller and their forefoot shape is completely different than that of a man’s foot. Trezeta has designed specific lasts to help women find footwear that is more precise and comfortable for their feet.

Women Specific Design Features

  • Specific women’s last designed and developed by Trezeta to fit a narrower heel and foot width.
  • Tapered toe-box for a more precise fit as women generally have a longer arch and shorter toes.
  • Higher heel-to-toe drop allowing a woman to stand more naturally upright than men.
  • More flexible footwear as women’s feet are naturally more flexible and they generally weight less and have a harder time flexing a stiff boot.