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We all choose our own paths in the outdoors, and we’ve made the conscious decision to follow our own, more inspired path when making outdoor footwear. Using the latest proven technologies, materials, and processes, we build shoes to fit the human foot, not to fit convention. The result? Unmatched comfort and performance on and off the trail.


Technology at Treksta

We’ve combined proprietary technologies like IceLock™ and HyperGrip® with the best from trusted companies like Gore-Tex® and Boa® to bring you forward-thinking functionality that lasts. And we didn’t stop there. Our exclusive NestFIT® technology, found in every Treksta shoe, provides a natural habitat for toes, heels, and arches. Treksta shoes are different. And when you put them on, they feel different too. Different and better.

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NestFit® Technology

The First Shoes Designed to Truly Fit the Human Foot

The conventional shoe last has always been made for a general foot shape and to this day, not much has changed. Until now. Treksta’s revolutionary NestFIT® technology was the result of extensive research. Treksta 3-D scanned and analyzed the feet of 20,000 people to create a contour map allowing the 226 bones and 33 joints of the foot to stay comfortable.

Subsequently, the NestFIT last keeps the natural curve and angle of the toe box in contrast to a conventional last. NestFIT’s revolutionary Last shape allows the upper, insole, midsole, and outsole to mold perfectly to fit your feet and lets your toes spread out naturally for better balance and zero crowding providing a customized fit unlike any other and maximum comfort for your feet.  Compared to other shoes, NestFIT technology, present in all Treksta footwear, significantly reduces foot pressure and muscle fatigue, letting you enjoy your outdoor activities longer and more comfortably.

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The First Shoes Designed to Truly Fit the Human Foot

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