Warranty & Repair

Warranty & Repair

Recreation Outfitters Inc handles the warranty for the brands that we distribute in Canada and the USA. Each brand has its own warranty policy and these are outlined below. Please follow the appropriate warranty policy and if you feel your item meets the criteria outlined in the brand policy, fill in the warranty form at the bottom of the page with as much detail as possible. One of our team members will process your claim and determine if a repair or replacement is in order.

Brand specific warranty details.

Deuter Promise

Deuter Warranty/Deuter Promise
At Deuter, we stand behind the quality of our products and are committed to sustainability. The Deuter Promise guarantees repairs throughout the lifetime of your favorite gear.

ROI Recreation Outfitters Inc. (ROI) is the exclusive distributor of Deuter Product in Canada.  ROI warranties Deuter Products sold by Authorized Retailers in Canada

If you are a USA customer, please contact Deuter USA

ROI does not support product purchased through unauthorized  retailers and resellers, especially online purchases, where ROI cannot guarantee that the product was purchased legitimately or is even authentic Deuter. Please protect yourself! Be sure to check the warranty policy of any seller, that they will accept warranty returns, before you buy from them. Feel free to contact us, or check our dealer list online, to inquire if the seller you are planning to purchase from is an authorized reseller in Canada.

One of the tenants of Deuter’s commitment to sustainability is to build product that lasts over extended periods of use. We think about long-term durability, balanced with functionality, when we plan the design, materials and production of your product. Should you have an issue, we offer a life-long* (life of the product) repair service for your Deuter, no matter the product or timeline. Our repair service prolongs the functionality of your product, keeps it out of the landfill and gets you back on the trail. Product damaged through wear and tear or misuse may be repaired at a nominal charge.

If we are unable to perform a functional repair on your Deuter product, we will replace it with an identical piece if available, or a similar product if not, only if the reason for the claim is deemed to be a defect in materials or workmanship and the product has not exceeded its reasonable usable life, as determined by ROI warranty staff. *It is important to consider that the usable lifetime of a piece of equipment can vary significantly, depending on the frequency and type of use. Equipment used 160 days a year by an outdoor guide will wear out faster than gear used occasionally by a weekend recreationalist. We take into consideration the product age, product condition, amount of use and reason for claim when assessing your product. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by misuse, improper care, animal encounters, faded fabric colors or other cosmetic changes.

Taking care of your product will ensure a longer usable lifetime. We recommend you visit our Product Care page for more information on how to clean and care for your pack.

Now, let’s get started with your repair requirement: 

  • For broken buckles, please use the “Buckle Request Form” to receive a replacement buckle free of charge.
  • For holes or abrasions to be repaired, please use the “Deuter Patch” form to request a Deuter patch, free of charge.
  • For warranty requests or questions, please fill out the Warranty Request form so that we can begin your file. Please read through the three types of purchases below to see which one your purchase applies.  This will save you time…and likely money!
  1. Deuter product purchased through a retailer
    As the Retailer may have their own warranty policy which might supersede the official (ROI) Warranty Policy. For example, it might be more convenient to drop off and pick up your item from the retailer, than shipping your item to the Deuter warehouse for repair. Or, your retailer may have a policy that includes a refund option or may be able to work with ROI to determine a solution where the product doesn’t have to be returned to the Deuter warehouse for a Warranty decision.
  2. Deuter product purchased through a retailer but returned directly to ROI for warranty.
    In this case, ROI is happy to serve the purchaser directly, but proof of purchase will be required. ROI will have to approve the warranty by observing the defective product. There is no monetary refund or credit in this case, only repair or replace with identical or closest product. ROI only supports our authorized retailers for warranty, as they deliver to consumers the best and most recent official product and product knowledge from Deuter, Germany. ROI does not support unauthorized resellers, especially online, where ROI can’t guarantee that the product was purchased legitimately or is even authentic. Please make sure that you always check the warranty policy of any seller, especially that isn’t an authorized Canadian Deuter retailer, before you buy from them. If you have a Deuter product that has a problem and is not covered by warranty, or you need a part, we may still be able to help you with a repair for a fair cost. In all cases, a Return Authorization (RA) will have to be included with your product, which will be given in response to the Warranty Application that must be filled out and submitted to get started.
  3. Deuter product purchased directly from roirecreation.com website (official ROI Distribution website)
    will already have your purchase on record, so will be easier to confirm. If you purchased your Deuter Product directly from www.roirecreation.com then fill out the form below to get started with your warranty claim.

Replacement Buckle Request Form

Do you have a Deuter backpack with a broken buckle? We can get you a replacement, but we need a few key bits of information first.

To expedite the process please locate and record the code found on the back of the buckle and complete the form below in full. If you are not able to find the buckle code, indicate the pack model and size, where the specific buckle is located on the pack and the colour of the buckle within the message area of the form.


    In the event of manufacturing defects or faulty seems, zips, yarns etc, Devold offers a 2-year manufacturers warranty to the original owner of the garment. This applies to all Devold products. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear or faults due to incorrect use, abuse or if a garment has been cleaned with harsh chemicals.

    If you feel that your garment warrants a claim, please fill out the warranty form with as much information as possible. Include clear, high-resolution images, so we can best help you with a resolution.

    We will do our best to resolve your claim in a timely manner. When/if you need to contact us about your claim, have your RA# at hand or include it in the comments section of your email to [email protected] and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

    Warranty handling procedure

    NOTE! Before the piece of clothing is sent back, all claims must be approved and the Return Authorization Number (RA#) must be included on the return packaging. This helps to quickly and precisely identify the claim and match it with our records.

    Products to be returned must be newly washed. For the safety of the person(s) handling the garments, we will refuse any products which have not been washed. This is very important for reasons of hygiene and to help keep unwanted pests (moths etc.) that could damage other garments in our facility.

    If a product is worn out, heavily stained or has been modified from its original state (regardless of age), it is not considered a warranty matter. In this case, please review the repair & care instructions here.

    Repair & Care

    Need to repair your wool garments? It’s easier than you think. Let the experts at Devold give you a few useful tips.

    We all have a few wool favorites in our drawer that never go out of style. Some woollen garments may even have sentimental value, because they’ve been part of so many great experiences, and kept us warm for season after season.

    “You should always try to repair the garments you love,” says Devold Designer Christine Haralstad-Sindum.

    The wool garments we make at Devold are made to last in terms of quality and design. But wool is a sensitive material, and a zipper or Velcro caught in it can cause holes, a seam can fray or wear out, and you end up with holes in your favourite garment. But don’t worry, repairing holes in your wool garments doesn’t require much more than a needle and thread.

    Get detailed instructions on how to mend your Devold wool garment here.

    Read more about the care and maintenance of your merino wool garment in The Newsroom.

    Warranty Claim Form

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