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Merino garments designed to perform just like you do.



Devold has long standing relationships with its farmers to ensure Devold garments use the best Merino in the world. Their wool can be traced from their sheep to the shop where you purchased your garment.



Merino Wool… it’s what Devold is known for! Devold has pioneered technical wool garments since 1853. More than 170 years of experience, with the world’s best testing ground as their back yard, has helped develop some of the best wool garments in the world. It’s no wonder so many outdoor enthusiasts rely on Devold in search of functional and warm clothing.

Merino wool is one of the most sought after, premium choices for apparel in the world; simply because of its diverse benefits. If merino wool is thin enough, it will prevent itching, if it’s stable enough the thin fibers will not tear, if it’s as good as it gets, you would only need a small amount of water and soap to clean it. It still functions as an insulating layer when it’s wet and it naturally regulates body temperature to keep you comfortable any time of year. Merino wool, with its fine and soft wavelike ripples, is almost magic.


Traceable Merino wool garments sustainably manufactured at our own factory in Europe.

Devold Sweaters

Warm, traditional sweaters, knitted in patterns taken from the Devold archive. Originally these sweaters were made for fishermen and other workers who were exposed to the harsh climate of the Norwegian coast.

Nearly 200 years after the first sweater was knitted in Langevag, the same design is just as popular and is used as either a mid-layer or outerwear in cold weather.

At Devold, we’ve been passionate about quality since 1853. Constant focus on delivering quality wool garments, is the reason why Devold has existed for more than 170 years. So, to the team at Devold, quality is rooted in who we are, and we carry that quest for quality with us in everything we say and do.


Devold is committed to long-term contracts with farmers in Australia, New Zealand and Argentina to produce the highest quality, ethical merino wool in the world.

Devold Nibba


Every activity is different and requires a different approach to layering. It’s not rocket science but it’s nice to get a little more insight so you can make the right decision.

Devold Sizing


The size guide indicates what body measurements will fit the garments as they are planned to be worn. Measure twice, order once.

Choosing Devold Merino


Merino wool is nature’s own little miracle with properties that can't be recreated by synthetic alternatives.

The world’s leading wool brand providing quality, comfort, and natural performance.

The Original. Worn by Norwegian explorers since 1853

In cold weather, or when you are active and are sweating, what you wear next to your skin is especially important. Merino fibre is nature’s own little miracle, making it possible to produce garments that can absorb and release moisture, to cool down or heat up your body as needed. You warm up quickly, but because of the exceptional breathability of Merino wool fabrics, you will not overheat. These qualities make pure Merino wool garments ideal for most activities – in all kinds of weather, throughout every season.

MOISTURE ABSORPTION – Merino wool is insulating when cold and keeps you warm even when you become damp or wet. Merino wool is highly hydrophilic and can absorb large amounts of moisture, especially compared to synthetic fibres. This means that a garment made of pure Merino wool can absorb moisture equivalent to 35% of its net weight without feeling wet or clammy. Therefore, even damp wool garments will keep you warm. By using wool next to your skin, you significantly reduce the risk of hypothermia. After being active outside you will notice the different between wool and other garments when you stop for a rest and your body cools down.

INSULATION ABILITY – Garments of Merino wool insulate extremely well. Merino fibres are highly crimped, and their fuzzy structure traps millions of tiny air pockets within the fabric. These air pockets lock in body heat, creating a protective buffer against the cold.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Merino wool works naturally with your body’s heating and cooling system and regulates your temperature by absorbing and releasing moisture. When conditions are cold and dry, wool absorbs moisture and triggers a process whereby the fabric generates heat (called “heat of sorption”). In a warm environment, your Merino garment will regulate your temperature through “cooling by evaporation”. This is the same principle as our body uses; producing sweat to cool us down. In this manner, wool regulates your body temperature and helps you to keep a steady and comfortable temperature in all kinds of weather.

ODOUR CONTROL – Merino wool has a permanent natural resistance to microbial growth and odour retention and garments may be worn for several days without smelling. The reason is a combination of the Merino wool’s excellent ability to quickly absorb our sweat and evaporate it, and the fibres’ uneven and negatively charged surface. Odour-causing bacteria prefer the exposed flat, positively charged surface of synthetic fibres. Most synthetic fibres increase body odour because they create a breeding ground for bacteria. Sweat itself has no odour, but over time bacteria proliferate and can create unpleasant odours

HEALTHY MICROCLIMATE – The merino wool’s ability to regulate temperature and humidity, as well as its antibacterial finesse, will help create a healthy microclimate for your skin – which in turn can soothe eczema and other skin problems. An Australian study showed how children with eczema became significantly better by using superfine merino wool, meaning lower than 17.5 microns, over a longer period of time.

WOOLMARK CERTIFIED – Devold is certified by Woolmark and is permitted to use the symbols on their products. The symbols guarantee that the products meet the quality requirements established and controlled by The Woolmark Company.

EASY-CARE – Merino wool is easy to care for. Most of the wool from Devold can be washed in the machine. The “Easy-Care” process prevents shrinking and other unwanted surprises. Follow the washing instructions to see if the garment is fit for the dryer or not.

UV PROTECTION – Wool also absorbs UV radiation, providing a natural protection against the sun. The strength may vary from UPF 20 to 50+ depending on the density and color of the fabric.

We are passionate about all Devold garments delivering premium quality, comfort and protection. In order to guarantee Devold quality, we believe the best way is to control every step of the process each garment goes through – from the sheep growing the wool through the finished product that meets the customer in the shops. We have named the Devold Quality Strategy; Sheep to Shop, establishing a traceable, fully controlled process all through the value chain.

The team at Devold has traveled to countries throughout the world where they produce the best quality Merino wool and met with farmers who are just as passionate about quality as we are. The pride these farmers take in producing the world’s best Merino wool, inspired our team to set up the Sheep to Shop program, allowing us to tell their story to the world by marketing their farms and their heritage. Devold has established long-term contracts directly with farms in Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. These contracts provide the farmers with predictable prices for their wool whilst providing Devold with consistent quality wool meeting Devold’s requirements.

The partner farms share the Devold values and standards for animal welfare, sustainable production and land management. Devold sources only non-mulesed wool. They have visited their partner farms, know the farmers and their families, and have seen the standards of operation that they have and how they treat their sheep. Devold is very proud to be working with people who have such a commitment to producing the world’s best Merino wool. Devold also has close professional relationships with partners delivering other steps in the value chain; wool tops makers and yarn spinners. They are proud to have established partnerships with companies that share their commitment to quality and their vision to constantly improve technologies and evolve the use of Merino wool.

The manufacturing of garments is a central part of the value chain. In order to control the manufacturing part of the process, Devold has chosen to invest in and build their own manufacturing facilities in Lithuania, Europe. After having produced in Lithuania for the last 20 years, they built a new 16,000 m2 state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that opened in 2015. They knit the yarn, dye the knitted fabric in a jointly owned dye-house, cut the garments, add the trimmings and the finishing, and pack and warehouse the products before they go out to the shops. Devold has its own laboratory where products go through more than 20 different quality tests and controls. Over 300 people are working to ensure that at Devold, they can proudly say ‘It’s made by us!’

All Devold garments are designed and developed by their in-house Design & Product Development team in Norway. And they are tested in the harsh climate of Norway by both in-house team members and by their Brand Ambassadors, to ensure that they deliver the ultimate user experience.

Because, at the end of the day, that’s why they spend so much time doing all this – to ensure that each Devold garment delivers the ultimate user experience, providing outdoor lovers, explorers and professionals, with superior quality, comfort and protection. And when you think about it, the Sheep to Shop program, providing full traceability and transparency through every step of the value chain; from Sheep to Shop, it is really your ultimate quality guarantee. The Devold team is proud to have launched the Sheep to Shop Strategy. Thereby allowing us to share the story about the great people we work with; what and how they do what they do; thus ultimately explaining how it is that your Devold garment provides you with a superior quality experience.

Devold has developed superior long-strand Merino wool apparel with unrivaled comfort, quality, and protection for 165 years. They are international pioneers in the development of innovative Merino wool products designed for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and professionals who work and play in demanding outdoor conditions. Proper layering of clothing is one of the most fundamental concepts for outdoor activities, each layer must insulate, be moisture-wicking and help protect against weather and wind.

It is essential that this layer is thin and tight-fitting. It must quickly wick sweat away from the skin and out to the middle layer so that the wearer stays dry, warm and comfortable. Wool is the best option for most people, as it has excellent moisture-wicking properties and retains heat even if it gets wet. We recommend using several layers, according to weather conditions. Several thin layers can work better than one thick layer. Don’t forget to pack a change of layers in your bag.

This layer has two functions: To keep you warm and to move moisture and excess heat away from the body. The middle layer ought to be more loose-fitting than the base layer and underwear, as it is very important that this layer forms a gap between the underwear and outerwear. A looser-fitting middle layer also provides better moisture-wicking (and warmth) through air circulation.

The outerwear layer is often referred to as shell clothing. This layer must keep weather and wind out, while wicking away moisture. Choose breathable materials, that are water-repellent, and have sufficient ventilation possibilities.


Staying warm is key: from the inside. With this in mind, Devold has developed woollen base layers that keep you warm in extreme conditions, insulate you from moisture, and help you stay dry and cool when the temperature rises. No matter how thick, the garments are always lightweight.

To make the most of your outdoor activities, it’s important to pick the right clothing for the activity and conditions. Below is an overview of what Devold can offer:

Devold® Breeze are soft and lightweight garments, designed for days when you need ultra-light clothing that’s breathable and helps to regulate your body temperature. These garments are made from 100% fine merino wool. Breeze can replace the cotton T-shirts and sweaters that you wear daily. These lightweight, airy garments don’t need to be washed as frequently as cottons and synthetic fabrics.

Did you know that odours don’t cling to wool like they do to synthetic and cotton fabrics? If your woollen garments are sweaty, hang them out to air instead of throwing them in the washing machine. Stains are easier to get out of woollen garments than other materials, so they just need to be washed gently, reducing soap and water and energy consumption.

The Devold® Wool Mesh collection is designed for high-intensity activities that make high demands of moisture wicking, weight and breathability. These garments consist of 100% wool mesh, are highly elastic and feature smart ventilation, such as a longer zipper that opens at both ends for flexible ventilation. The wool mesh dries quickly, pressing excess heat and moisture from perspiration away from your body. When the temperature drops, the mesh provides excellent insulation via the air pockets arising between the skin and the insulation layer. Smart zippers in both the upper and lower garments allow for extra ventilation.

The series includes zip on/off capri pants, which makes it possible to change without removing boots and shoes, as you can just zip them off and put on dry layers. Devold Wool Mesh is perfect for mountaintop tours in the winter when there is focus on temperature regulation and low weight.

Devold® Hiking is the favourite for multi-discipline outdoor enthusiasts, all year round. Soft and lightweight garments knitted in 100 % fine merino wool, with good insulation properties and very good breathability. Hiking garments have strategically positioned mesh panels, to ensure optimum ventilation. The garments fit snugly to the skin, and the chafe-free seam construction optimizes comfort if you’re carrying a backpack. These are the base-layers to pick for regular mountain hiking, and they are also recommended for climbing, camping, cycling or snow sports. They are the ideal garment to wear when kayaking or canoeing as their chafe-free seams offer a superior fit under your lifejacket (PFD).

Devold® Duo Active is a collection of upper and lower garments consisting of two layers, where the ThermoLite™ inner layer is guaranteed to be non-itchy, with optimum moisture-wicking properties. On the outside, the organic wool from Argentina has unique insulating properties that keep you warm even if you get wet. Perfect for adults and children with sensitive skin, and for anyone that enjoys being outdoors in cold winter conditions.

Devold® Expedition are two-layer woollen undergarments for extreme weather conditions and have been tested on several polar expeditions. The inner layer is 100% merino wool, while the outer layer is 90 % Aquaduct-treated merino wool, combined with 10% polyamide to increase durability. Expedition series provides plenty of insulation, along with unique moisture-wicking properties. Aquaduct treatment in the outermost layer enhances the wicking of moisture from the body to the outer surface, where it quickly evaporates.

Devold uses minimum amounts of synthetic materials in a few garments, for one purpose: increased durability. Wool is a sensitive material that will undergo wear, over time. In series designed for expeditions and long trips, when weather conditions are extreme and the number of garments must be kept to a minimum, 10 % polyamide is used to ensure that the garments are more resistant to wear. The inner layer of 100% merino wool also means that the clothing can be used again and again without sweaty odours.