To Us, Quality is Personal

New Zealand Royal Golden Fleece Award

Our farming partners are fundamental to our ability to deliver premium quality wool garments and a premium quality experience by supplying us with premium quality wool.


At Devold, we say that to us, quality is personal.

We’ve developed extra fine long strand Merino wool clothing with unrivaled comfort, quality, and protection for every level of outdoor activity with proprietary award winning fabrics and design for 165 years. We are international pioneers in the development of innovative Merino wool products designed for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and professionals who work and play in demanding outdoor conditions.

We believe that in order for Devold to deliver premium quality garments to our customers, we need to know the people we work with and who contribute in the value process towards that ultimate customer experience.

 Our farming partners are fundamental in our ability to deliver that premium quality experience by supplying us with premium quality wool. We are totally dependent on these partnerships. In fact, the values, and the passion our farmers have for growing quality wool; through healthy, contented sheep, was the inspiration for our Sheep to Shop program.

 When we see that one of our partners is awarded for their quality wool, it is a testament to that passion for quality. As such, we are hugely proud to work with Glenmore Station and Will and Ems Murray, winners of this year’s New Zealand Royal Golden Fleece Award*

Glenmore Station is not the only Devold partner that has won the Golden Fleece Award. Looking at the winners over the last five years – they are all Devold partners today!

 We are truly grateful for having the opportunity to work with the best Merino wool farmers in the world! And thank them for being part of our Quality journey!


Years and years of passion, that’s the recipe to a winning fleece
– Will Murray, Glenmore Station


Being part of a winning team is inspirational! This is surely part of the reason why the number of farmers wanting to be part of the Devold Sheep to Shop program is increasing. Over the past couple of years, we’ve signed up six new partners; Glenmore (the 2019 Golden Fleece award winner), Maryburn, Bendigo Station, Grampian Angus, Grays Hills and Randolph Farm. A warm welcome to the Devold team! This brings us to a total of 12 partner farms in New Zealand!

To Us, Quality is Personal!


* The 2019 Royal Golden Fleece Awards were held on May 11 at the Rangiora Showgrounds, where 135 fleeces were entered into six categories: fine wool fleece, strong wool fleece, black and coloured fleece, mohair fleece and alpaca fleece. The Murray’s fleeces won several fine wool sub-categories including merino ram, merino ewe, fine merino and woolly hogget, and the family were named the overall winners of the fine wool fleece category.

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