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When you reach the summit, you’re only halfway there…you still have to get back down again! The essential, pragmatic truth of this adage has guided the choices at Kayland right from the start. Their pedigree is in high altitude mountaineering, a fact you can see in the shape of the last (foot form) they use on many Kayland shoes and boots, a hallmark typical of footwear with a mountaineering DNA. Purists don’t merely seek performance; they seek that authentic experience only a deep connection with the mountains can give.

Kayland designs focus on foot anatomy and dynamics, resulting in the ultimate in fit, comfort and performance on the trail, approach to the crag or on the quest to summit. Their footwear is built for the true enthusiast looking for a forward-thinking brand that invests much time in meticulous materials selection, innovative design and proper biomechanical fit. It’s time to get fit for a pair of Kayland boots or shoes to help you get to your next destination.




Set a goal ... Basecamp, Ice Fall or Summit.


Head out for a few days and see the stars.


Enjoy where the trail takes you.


Ascend or scramble, it’s your choice.


Get off the beaten path and explore.

Kayland combines design and cutting-edge technology to help mountain lovers face any type of terrain easily, comfortably and safely. The innovative solutions adopted in Kayland’s footwear are channeled through a long tradition in the production of technical mountaineering boots, which allow excellent performance in all conditions and at any altitude.



Boots specifically designed for use on alpine trails and in the world’s most challenging altitudes.


The new Cross Mountain Gore-Tex boot offers reliable performance on mixed terrain.


The first CE certified professional alpine boot. Advanced fit, comfort and performance.


Learn the proper steps to keeping your leather and synthetic footwear in great shape.

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A selection of Italian women’s and men’s footwear designed for all-mountain performance and comfort.

The Kayland story goes back to 1971, when Giovanni Bittante founded a high-profile shoe manufacturing company specializing in technical shoes and boots for mountain activities and the outdoors. Kayland’s professional design team has been in tune with market trends and has designed and launched products that remain at the cutting edge in every market sector in which the company is present.

In March of 2013, Kayland became part of the M.G.M. brand portfolio. M.G.M., a well-known company in the outdoor market, has a reputation of excellent R&D deriving from almost one hundred years of shoe manufacturing experience.

Field Testing

To be a strong brand you have to create a strong community. Every year more and more high level mountain professionals and athletes from all over the world, are involved in the research and development process at Kayland. They are tasked at testing the footwear and giving their expert opinion and design comments to the R&D team so they can, in turn, design the best footwear for the market.

Relying on the experience of alpinists and alpine guides provides the opportunity for the designers at Kayland to push the limits of innovation and design resulting in the development of world class mountaineering and trekking footwear. Footwear that Kayland enthusiasts have trusted to get them through the trail and to the summit. This is what makes Kayland one of the premier Italian footwear brands in the world.

“Together, with our test team and all our followers around the world, we never stop creating and innovating.”

Kayland is proud to announce that the SUPER ICE EVO GTX has become the first CE certified professional alpine boot in the industry. It was an ambitious project created with the aim of focusing attention on the essential features of mountain footwear, coupled with the rigorous stipulations of the CE certification process.

The marking certifies that the shoes comply with the essential requirements of European Directive 89/686/CEE, regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) in terms of: Ergonomics, innocuousness, comfort and resistance, and the WORKING shoe model has undergone the CE certification procedure carried out by the Notified Body no.2008 Dolomiticert Scarl Zona Industriale Villanova – 32013 Longarone (BL) Italy (

In general, considering the risks they protect from, footwear for professional use must be considered II category PPE (in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 475/92), that is PPE to which the CE marking can be applied by the Manufacturer only after carrying out a “CE type examination” or a “CE Certification Procedure” at a Notified Body.

Kayland Super Ice EVO GTX Specifications

1. COLD INSULATION +40% compared to European Norm EN20347 standard requirements
2. LEATHER BREATHABILITY +200% compared to European Norm EN20347 5.4.6 standard requirements
4. HEEL ENERGY ABSORPTION +60% compared to European Norm EN20347 6.2.4
5. VIBRAM® TETON OUTSOLE – SRA SLIP RESISTANCE LONG-LASTING +20% DURABLE compared to European Norm EN20347 5.8.3 standard requirements
– SRA SLIP RESISTANCE – LONG-LASTING +20% DURABLE compared to European Norm EN20347 5.8.3 standard requirements

Tests and Meaning of the Symbols
Our certified professional mountain boots comply with all the basic requirements specified in the standard UNI EN ISO 20347:2012; moreover, they comply with some of the (optional) requirements specified in the table to the right.

Each symbol, which is marked also on the boot, corresponds to a requirement which meets the stated features.

Full Grain Leather
Full grain leather footwear requires careful regular maintenance to keep it comfortable and waterproof and, most importantly, to give it a longer life. We recommend removing the laces before each treatment and paying special attention to the gusseted tongue. After each use, the footwear must always be left in the open air to dry. Use a brush and hot water on the most stubborn dirt, preferably in conjunction with a special detergent like Nikwax or Grangers, and then leave to dry completely. Regular impregnation treatments are recommended to prevent water absorption, followed by the application of a wax emulsion to impregnate the leather again. The use of oil and grease-based products is not recommended and when the footwear is not being used it should first be left to dry and then stored in special bags or boxes, in a dry, airy place, with a wooden shoe-tree inside to keep the shape.

Nubuk is best cleaned with a soft bristle brush, a leather or fabric cloth, and special cleaning products. We recommend brushing after every use, using regular circular movements and never staying too long in the same spot. To remove stubborn stains, we advise the use of special liquid or spray products available on the market, which you should first apply to your cleaning cloth, then wait for the leather to dry and finally brush the area in question to remove all residue.

Synthetic Leather
Synthetic leather is strong, supple and easy to wash. We recommend the use of waterproofing sprays and shoe polish. For effective cleaning, we advise using a light foam specifically formulated for synthetic leather.

Suede needs regular treatment and constant care to prevent early aging and irremediable damage. We advise removing surface dirt by brushing the leather when dry and using a brush moistened with water for stubborn dirt. Do not use nitro-based or other degreasing products. If you wish to apply a waterproofing product, use only water and silicone-based treatments. We strongly advise against the use of products containing oils and animal fats, as well as the wearing of suede footwear in environments containing acid substances that could adversely affect the waterproofing treatment applied to the leather.

Fabric Footwear
Fabric footwear is particularly susceptible to water and dirt and therefore requires special treatment. First use a brush to remove most of the dirt and mud and then clean deep down using a foaming product. Repeat these steps to remove any remaining dirt after initial cleaning. Fabric should always be treated with a waterproofing product to prevent dirt from penetrating into the fibres.

Nowadays, when it comes to waterproof, wind resistant, breathable and high performance footwear, the first name that comes to mind is Gore-Tex, a membrane that over the years has established itself as the standard for technical
and sport shoes for mountains and outdoors.

At the heart of the Gore-Tex fabric is an extremely thin membrane with more than 1,400 million pores per square centimetre. These pores are 20 thousand times smaller than a drop of water and, at the same time, they are about
700 times larger than a water vapour molecule. It means that when the body begins to warm up and release water vapour, it does not get trapped inside the shoe but it can cross the membrane outwards, whereas the water from
the outside can not penetrate inside the shoe, keeping the foot perfectly dry.

All Gore-Tex fabrics are also specially treated to make them water repellent: this is to ensure that the water drops do not clog the pores outside the membrane, reducing breathability.

The Gore-Tex membrane reduces the weight of the shoe, prevents the formation of mold and offers extraordinary protection against wind and water. Lightness, breathability and waterproofness of Gore-Tex footwear make it the ideal choice for outdoor activities at an accelerated pace, such as trekking on mountain routes, via ferrata, climbing, mountaineering and hiking on difficult terrain, even the most extreme and in any weather condition.

The exclusive Vibram project is dedicated to Kayland footwear and is engineered for mixed terrain, with lugs designed for maximum grip, excellent stability even with heavy loads. It is designed for advanced impact cushioning and features a built-in self-cleaning system. The Multiverse’s features open up new scenarios for approach and fast hiking, allowing mountain enthusiasts to take the next step forward in confidence.

The collaboration between Vibram and Kayland gave birth to the Multiverse Project to meet the more and more transversal needs of users. Multiverse soles create a new way of conceiving outdoor activities where parallel dimensions and practices coexist thanks to equipment that can adapt to multiple contexts.

Kayland’s exclusive Ankle Lock System allows for a precise and secure wrap of the ankle without impeding its natural flex reducing foot fatigue. It helps lock the heel and ankle in place and reduces heel lift. In turn, this greatly reduces the chance of blisters on the back of the heel and foot by preventing the heel from lifting, resulting in a more stable foundation and better energy transfer from heel strike to toe off.

This system helps prevent the foot from sliding forward, especially on descents. This will also reduce any chance of your toes hitting the front of the toe box, causing potential hammer toes and blistering under the forefoot.