7 Benefits of Merino Wool

Why Choose Merino Wool and What Makes Merino so Awesome?

Everyone knows that wool is an indispensable material for your winter wardrobe but did you know that it’s just as indespensible for summer? The wonderful feeling of DEVOLD’s summer wool is the product of millions of years of evolution. Through time, the long strand merino wool fibre has developed into nature’s own little miracle, keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool in the heat. The fabric’s natural UV barrier protects your skin on sunny summer days. And when it’s hot, the fibers will wick perspiration away – keeping you fresh and cool. Merino wool can absorb up to 35% of its weight in moisture without feeling moist, and it dries quicker than other fabrics. Ultrafine long strand Merino wool is extremely gentle and soft against the skin, and research shows that DEVOLD’s Breeze collection, with hypoallergic fibre, relives the symptoms of adult and infant eczema. It is also odour-resistant, keeping you fresh all day long no matter how hot it is and reduces the need to machine-wash your clothes – just hang them out to dry and wear again.

1. ABSORPTION – Merino wool fights cold weather, and keeps you warm even if you get wet or humid.  This is because merino wool is very hydrophilic. It absorbs greater amounts of moisture than synthetic fibers, and will therefore keep you warmer longer. Merino can carry up to 35% of moisture before the fabric feels humid. In other words, a fabric with 100 % merino wool can absorb moisture equivalent to 35 % of its own weight – without making you feel uncomfortable.

2. INSULATION – Clothes made from merino wool are good insulators, because of the wrinkled merino fibers. This structure causes millions of small air pockets to hold on to the body heat, creating a buffer against the cold.


3. REGULATION OF TEMPERATURE – Merino wool naturally controls temperature. It regulates by absorbing and releasing moisture. If it gets hot, the wool will make sure to cool itself down by evaporation. Our human bodies do something similar, we will sweat to cool down. This is how wool regulates body temperature and makes sure you don’t get too cold or too hot.


4. ODOR CONTROL – Merino wool has a constant and natural resistance to the growth of microorganisms, leading to odor.  Wool can be used for several days without starting to smell as long as the fabric is dried and hung out to air out after use. This is due to a combination of its excellent ability to quickly absorb sweat and allow it to evaporate, and the fact that the fibers consist of a negatively charged, rugged surface. Bacteria leading to bad odor thrive on a positively charged, smooth surfaces, as synthetic fibers often have. Most synthetic fibers increase bad odor because they create a habitat for bacteria.

5. HEALTHY MICROCLIMATE – The merino wool’s ability to regulate temperature and humidity, as well as its antibacterial finesse, will help create a healthy microclimate for your skin – which in turn can soothe eczema and other skin problems. An Australian study showed how children with eczema became significantly better by using superfine merino wool, meaning lower than 17.5 microns, over a longer period of time.

6. EASY-CARE – Merino wool is easy to care for. Most of the wool from Devold can be machine washed. The “Easy-Care” process prevents shrinkage and other unwanted surprises. Follow the washing instructions to see if the garment is fit for the dryer or not.

7. UV PROTECTION – Wool also absorbs UV radiation, providing a natural protection against the sun. The strength may vary from UPF 20 to 50+ depending on the density and color of the fabric.


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