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In a previous post, we discussed how Deuter crafts backpacks specifically for women. We noted that compared to men, women have shorter torsos, narrower shoulders, and more shapely hips.

Years ago Deuter, with a committee of female designers and female athletes, began designing packs specific to these differences to come up with pack features to fit women better. They named this women’s specific line of packs Deuter SL.

Deuter SL is far more than just men’s backpack models in a feminine colour. The entire pack system is perfectly shaped for a women’s physique to ensure a better fit and carrying comfort. The key design features of the Women’s Fit SL backpack series are:

  1. A slightly shorter back length. The correct back length guarantees optimum fit of the shoulder straps and waist belt.
  2. A more conical shape of the hip belt. The waist belt anchor points are set closer together and are slightly curved, angling upwards. This hugs the waist leaving no space between wearer and backpack, enabling load carrying comfort.
  3. Narrower shoulder width. The shoulder straps are both narrower and shorter in length which avoids chafing in the armpits and eliminates pressure points in the chest area.
  4. Comfortable Shoulder Straps. Using an S-shaped shoulder strap with soft lined edges that curve around sensitive areas.
SL Women’s Fit

Deuter has an SL Women’s fit pack in almost every model and volume in the collection, so as a woman you don’t need to compromise. 

Deuter attaches their signature flower to their entire SL line so that they can easily be recognized, so look out for this when shopping at your favorite outdoor store! We encourage you to try them out—feel the difference in design, fit, and comfort that a women’s specific pack from Deuter provides.

Or find Deuter SL Women’s Fit Backpacks here – Shop Now!

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