Deuter & The Fair Wear Foundation.

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an independent non profit organization that works with companies to improve labour conditions in the textile and clothing industry, particularly in low wage countries. Deuter has joined the FWF and by doing so it has complied to the organizations strict Code of Labour Practices. 
What is the Code of Labour Practices? 8 standards form the core code:

  1. No forced labourEmployment is freely chosen.
  2. No discrimination in employment.
  3. No child labour.
  4. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
  5. Payment of a living wage.
  6. No excessive working hours.
  7. Safe and healthy working conditions.
  8. Legally binding employment relationship. 

The FWF’s verification system works on three levels: The members are committed to verify a certain percentage of their production volume in so called factory audits. Further, the FWF implements a complaints procdure program which allows staff in the factories to file working rights complaints via email, phone, letter or text message directly to FWF. On a third level the members anually undergo brand performance checks, reviewing and evaluating the members activities.  
Deuter joined the FWF in August 2011. Learn more about FWF here:  

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