Deuter & It’s Environmental Footprint.

When purchasing a product do you consider the impact it had on the environment for you to have that product?   

The entire process of creating physical products can often have a large negative impact on our environment. Deuter has gone on to the forefront of reducing their environmental footprint.  The company has assessed every part of it’s supply chain and adheres to several initiatives that to ensure a reduction in their footprint. Here are some of their notable practices:

  1. Repair Service: Deuter has a strong belief in repairing their product instead of just replacing. A long product life cycle is the most efficient contribution to saving resources and therefore to environmental sustainability. With a 0.4% repair rate this one is easy to fulfil!
  2. Eco Power: Deuter uses renewable energy to power 100% of their facilities. This energy stems from sources like solar & wind in Germany itself.
  3. Bluesign: This is the worlds strictest standard for sustainability, occupational health and consumer safety. Bluesign tests the entire manufacturing process for harmful substances and chemicals as apposed to just the final product. All substances used within Deuter’s supply chain follow strict guidelines from Bluesign which has drastically decreased their use of harmful substances.
  4. OKOprofit: A cooperative approach between the regional authority and local companies with the goal of reducing cost for waste, raw materials, water, and energy. Reductions in these areas also reduce environmental aspects of businesses. Deuter is focusing heavily on their corporate eco management by being associated with OKOprofit.
  5. DHL GOGREEN. Deuter ship’s all their product via this method.  When they do this they are financially supporting climate protection projects to compensate the transport emissions which guarantees a CO2 neutral delivery.
  6. PRINT CO2: Similar to Deuter’s shipping initiative they are compensating the carbon dioxide emissions produced in the manufacturing of their printed products such as catalogues and flyers.

Evidently Deuter has assessed every area of it’s business and is striving to be greener. With the scale of production that Deuter has, each one of these initiatives has a massive impact on our environment.

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