Colltex Palu Crystal

The PALÜ ski skins are our lead product. They glide perfectly due to the 100% natural fiber. Especially on fresh, dry and cold snow. Wear on hard, icy snow is slightly higher. When not in use, we use a cover net to protect the hotmelt adhesive layer.

We recommend the PALÜ ski skins for long ski tours, high alpine tours and multi-day tour experiences. With its good gliding properties, it is designed for sporty tourers.

Please double check the Colltex Ski Skin size chart to ensure you have the correct size. 

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Colltex Skin Size Chart
Skin Length Fits Ski Length
142cm 150cm to 160cm
147cm 155cm to 165cm
152cm 160cm to 170cm
157cm 165cm to 175cm
162cm 170cm to 180cm
167cm 175cm to 185cm
172cm 180cm to 190cm
177cm 185cm to 195cm


Material 100% Mohair
Skin Colour Anthrazite
Adhesion Hotmelt blue
Weight 103,5 gram (Skin 60mm x 150cm)


Grip Good Grip with all snow conditions
Glide Excellent gliding characteristics
Handling Use of protective netting
Touring Type High-Alpin Tourer and Pro

100% Mohair
Mohair wool comes from the long, curly hair of the Angora goat, also called a mohair goat. Mohair is one of highest quality fi bres nature has to offer and also popular for jumpers and upholstery fabrics. «Mohair» is derived from the Arabic word «muhayyar», which translates into «cloth made of goat hair». About four kilograms of yarn are obtained per animal and year by shearing. Thus, no goat has to die to obtain its precious hair. The hair of the mohair goat is water-repellent and, at the same time, moisture- absorbing, which reduces the formation of snow build-up and allows for a light ski skin. The hair remains supple, even in very cold weather, and glides extremely well thanks to its natural structure. On the other hand, mohair wears down faster, in particular in hard spring snow, and has less grip than a purely synthetic fabric.

At Colltex, the PALÜ Crystal and RACE Crystal ski skins are made of 100% mohair.