Colltex Whizzz Skins

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A sensational innovation by colltex! An acrylic-based adhesive layer with all the advantages of a ?skin without adhesive?: ultrafast attaching and detaching, no loss of adhesion, no sticking together when folded (place adhesive on adhesive ? but do not roll up skins), no protective netting or pro-skin necessary and extremely temperature-resistant. In mixed-fibre quality. Sturdy and durable. The skins remain supple and light. DIY recoating as a true world first: thanks to the whizzz tape, the skin can be easily and quickly re-coated without using heat.

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Material 65% mohair 35% polyamide.
Colour Green.
Grip 5 Stars
Glide 4 Stars
Touring type All around
Advantage Fastest attaching / detaching.
Weight 192G: 1skin, no fixation.

Skin fit

145 length fits 151cm to 160cm ski

155 length fits 161cm to 170cm ski

165 length fits 171cm to 180cm ski

175 length fits 181cm to 190cm ski

185 length fits 191cm to 200cm ski

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 91 cm
Size (Length - Width)

155cm-120mm, 155cm-130mm, 155cm-140mm, 160cm-110mm, 160cm-140mm, 165cm-120mm, 165cm-130mm


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