Colltex Lucendro Crystal


The LUCENDRO with the Techfibre construction ski skins are ski skins of the latest generation. The new fi bre was developed over a period of several years by Colltex as part of an interdisciplinary team and stands for very good climbing properties, yet allowing excellent gliding, too.

The raw material is produced by a Swiss spinning mill. As a world fi rst, these ski skins can be individually printed in small batches.

We recommend LUCENDRO for ski tourers who are looking for a particularly good grip of their ski skins, but do not want to stint on glide. The product is ideal for beginners and all-round ski tourers as well.

Please double check the Colltex Ski Skin size chart to ensure you have the correct size. 

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Colltex Skin Size Chart
Skin Length Fits Ski Length
142cm 150cm to 160cm
147cm 155cm to 165cm
152cm 160cm to 170cm
157cm 165cm to 175cm
162cm 170cm to 180cm
167cm 175cm to 185cm
172cm 180cm to 190cm
177cm 185cm to 195cm


Material 100% Techfibre
Skin Colour Print
Adhesion Hotmelt
Weight 99,9 gram (Skin 60mm x 150cm)


Grip Excellent Grip with all snow conditions
Glide Good gliding characteristics
Handling Use of protective netting
Touring Type Beginner to allrounder

100% Synthetics
Most synthetic ski skins are made of polyamide fibres. In recent years, they have been further developed though. Synthetic ski skins are durable, abrasion- resistant, robust, and can even withstand contact with rocks. Besides, they offer excellent grip – in fact, their climbing properties are legendary on hard, icy surfaces. Their less than perfect gliding performance due to the rather dull hair has been improved over the years.

Colltex is a leader in this field with the products LUCENDRO Crystal (Techfibre) and the VRENELI (Profibre).


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