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Deuter Apparel

Deuter is one of the largest outdoor technical pack and accessory brands in the world, manufacturing outdoor gear for 120 years leading the way with innovation and a focus on quality and environmental sustainability.

*Numbers within names reference the volume the pack can carry in liters*

Learn more about DEUTER: https://www.deuter.com/

Designed For Women

The Deuter SL Range

Sleeping bags & Accessories

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Women's Devold Of Norway Est.1853

Merino Wool… it’s what Devold is known for! Devold has pioneered technical wool garments since 1853. More than 165 years of experience, with the world’s best testing ground as their back yard has helped develop some of the best wool garments in the world. It’s no wonder so many outdoor enthusiasts rely on Devold in search of functional and warm clothing.

Merino wool is one of the most sought-after, premium choices for apparel in the world; simply because of its diverse benefits. If merino wool is thin enough, it will prevent itching, if it’s stable enough the thin fibers will not tear, if it’s as good as it gets, you would only need a small amount of water and soap to clean it. It still functions as an insulating layer when it’s wet and it naturally regulates body temperature to keep you comfortable any time of year. Merino wool, with its fine and soft wavelike ripples, is almost magic.

Devold size guide https://www.roirecreation.com/devold_size_guide/

Learn more about Devold here: https://www.roirecreation.com/brands/devold/


Kayland Footwear

The Kayland story goes back to 1971 when Giovanni Bittante founded a high-profile Italian shoe manufacturing company specializing in technical shoes and boots for mountain activities and the outdoors. Kayland’s professional design team has been in tune with market trends and has designed and launched products that remain at the cutting edge in every market sector in which the company is present.

Every year more and more high-level mountain professionals and athletes from all over the world, are involved in the research and development process at Kayland. They are tasked with testing the footwear and giving their expert opinion and design

Relying on the experience of alpinists and alpine guides provides the opportunity for the designers at Kayland to push the limits of innovation and design resulting in the development of world-class mountaineering and trekking footwear. Footwear that Kayland enthusiasts have trusted to get them through the trail and to the summit. This is what makes Kayland one of the premier Italian footwear brands in the world.

Size Guide: https://tinyurl.com/yta6fenw

 Learn more about Kayland here: https://www.roirecreation.com/kayland/

Trezeta Footwear

For Urban Explorers and Hiking Enthusiasts

Trezeta has worked diligently to craft a line of footwear that is perfect for everyday walking but can also take you off the beaten path with ease in dry, muddy, or wet conditions. The combination of Italian craftsmanship, advanced traction and a proprietary Water Stopper membrane will allow you to stay out all day in any condition.

Perfect for exploring new cities on your travels, trekking on meandering paths, or hiking to that elusive waterfall for a well-deserved dip. Whatever your plans, Trezeta boots and shoes are up to the task and will provide you with the fit and comfort Trezeta has been perfecting for decades. Make your next pair of shoes a pair of Trezeta’s.

Size Guide: https://www.roirecreation.com/trezeta_size_guide/

Learn more about Trezeta here: https://www.roirecreation.com/brands/trezeta/


Treksta Footwear

The First Shoes Designed to Truly Fit the Human Foot

The conventional shoe last has always been made for a general foot shape and to this day, not much has changed. Until now. Treksta’s revolutionary NestFIT® technology was the result of extensive research. Treksta 3-D scanned and analyzed the feet of 20,000 people to create a contour map allowing the 226 bones and 33 joints of the foot to stay comfortable.

Subsequently, the NestFIT last keeps the natural curve and angle of the toe box in contrast to a conventional last. NestFIT’s revolutionary Last shape allows the upper, insole, midsole, and outsole to mold perfectly to fit your feet and lets your toes spread out naturally for better balance and zero crowding providing a customized fit unlike any other with maximum comfort for your feet.  Compared to other shoes, NestFIT technology, present in all Treksta footwear, significantly reduces foot pressure and muscle fatigue, letting you enjoy your outdoor activities longer and more comfortably.

Size Guide: https://www.roirecreation.com/treksta_size_guide/

Learn more about Treksta here : https://www.roirecreation.com/brands/treksta/

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