The Best Way to Pack Your Backpack

Ever wondered how best to pack your Deuter bag?
6 Steps to a Perfectly Loaded Backpack

1- Put light, bulky stuff at the bottom. Eg: Sleeping bag
2- Place midweight stuff on top of your light items but towards the outside of the bag. Eg. Clothes.
3- Place heavy equipment on top of light items and closest to your back. Eg. food
4- Put small & often used items in the lid.
5- To avoid swinging do not to strap things to the exterior of the pack.  If doing so evenly distribute weight.
6- To maximize space, stuff soft, compressible items into corners, nooks, and crannies. Place smaller items inside bigger non-collapsible items, eg. Inside a pot or helmet.

To carry most effectively, the weight should be at the body’s centre of gravity which is at the lower back and hips (not at shoulders.)

Deuter’s design and engineering philosophy is to direct 70% of pack weight to the hips/hip belt and 30% to the shoulders.  This is why a Deuter pack carries weight so well.

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