Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL 2019

For mothers who hold their own: Deuter launches first-ever women’s specific child carrier with the Kid Comfort Active SL.

The birth of a women’s specific fit child carrier came through a partnership between Deuter, already well known for it’s safe and secure kid carriers, and Hike it Baby, a national community giving new parents and their kids an opportunity to connect and enjoy the outdoors. Take a look at our new child carrier and discover the unique features that give it a Women’s Specific Fit.

Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL

The following outlines the unique differences that make the Active SL a Women’s Specific pack, comfortable for both mother and child. Read More about the SL women’s Fit.

With an adjustable torso length range, conically shaped hip belt and ergonomic, S-bend shoulder straps all designed specifically for women, the Kid Comfort Active SL reduces bulk and offers greater ease of use than ever before, all at a svelte, industry-leading sub-6 pound weight. It is also ASTM and TÜV GS certified, meaning, that the Kid Comfort Active SL is tested to meet a rigorous course of child safety specifications. And with a suspension system tied directly into the frame, the new Kid Comfort carries on Deuter’s long tradition of outstanding stability and carrying comfort.

The Kid Comfort Active SL is now available in Canada only through our trusted Deuter retailers. Pre-orders will be accepted online at with delivery to our warehouse at the end of June. In the meantime check out the complete Kid Comfort child carrier line!

What’s your preferred method of transportation for your young ones?

There’s always been an association with child carriers and hiking—we’ve all seen that super parent marching uphill with both a young one and gear onboard for an epic day hike or even an over-nighter. But that’s not all carriers are great for!

More and more parents are starting to question and replace their strollers with child carriers. Why? Turns out the convenience of a carrier goes beyond just hiking and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by popular celebrities either.

  1. Accessibility. A lot of places around the world aren’t stroller friendly. Staircases etc are everywhere… Accessibility can be a huge issue!
  2. Price. Strollers can get expensive quick. Kid carriers can as well… but are almost always a fraction of the price. You can get a super high-quality carrier for around $400. A stroller will be between $600-1000.
  3. Space. Strollers are massive and can take up your entire trunk. A carrier is significantly smaller…
  4. Functionality. Carriers now have an equal amount of pockets and storage space for all your needs. They have also been engineered to perfection and comfort so, your child actually enjoys the experience. Yes, they’ll sleep really well in a Kid Comfort carrier!! 😉

If you have any personal experience using either a stroller or a child carrier let us know and comment below! We love hearing your stories.

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