4 Must do Adventures This Summer

The story behind the story…

A few weeks ago we reached out to our many followers on social media to discover what adventures they’ve planned for this summer. We received an overwhelming response!

We’ve highlighted 4 of, what we felt, were the most exciting submissions below and added an essential gear list edited by the product experts here at ROI.

In no particular order, here are the four stand-out adventures:

  1. Amanda Wasend: “I’m planning on hiking the Juan De Fuca at the end of summer with my boyfriend. I’ve been working on collecting my gear since last summer to do this!”
  2. Cheryl Kosowan-Kirk: “I’m doing a nine-day hike on the Great Wall of China. Going there by myself but joining a tour group to hike.”
  3. Tatum Toporowski-Hudson: “Our trip is part hike part canoeing. We will be doing the Sayward Lakes canoe loop in August. Lots of canoeing and hiking/portaging for 3 days! “
  4. Lisa Petrie Gilmore:Really would love to do an overnight with my 10 yr old…going to try to make that happen this summer! Thinking of maybe heading into the Canada end of the PCT in Manning Park.”

Juan De Fuca Trail (overnighter)

The Juan de Fuca Trail is a beautiful wilderness trail that hugs the west coast of Vancouver Island between Jordan River (north of Sooke) and Port Renfrew. It spans a grand total of 47KM and is loaded with amazing camping opportunities.

Gear details/highlights: our experts focused on tailoring equipment for women for Amanda’s trip.

  1. Both the pack and sleeping bag are from Deuter’s SL series.
  2. This trail is known to take about 5-7 days to complete—the Air Contact 50 + 10L will provide you with plenty of room and still be light and comfortable!

Great Wall of China (backpacking)

The Great Wall of China—built of brick, tampered earth, wood and other materials—was built along the northern borders of China to protect the Chinese states/empires against raids and invasions. Today it is known as one of the seven wonders of the world.

Gear details/highlights:

  1. Keep your travel items secure with the Deuter Money Belt.
  2. Dahlgren Compression socks are specially designed to apply pressure to your lower legs, helping to maintain blood flow, and reduce discomfort and swelling. This will help a ton during your flight over to China and while hiking the wall!

Sayward Lakes (canoe loop)

The B.C Forest Service has constructed a number of portage trails that link a series of lakes to form the Sayward Forest Canoe Route—one of the most extensive canoeing opportunities on the island. An experience of a lifetime!

Gear details/highlights:

  1. Keep your essential belongings (cell phone, wallet, etc.) safe with the Deuter Drypack.

Manning Park (overnighter w/child)

Manning Park is a focus of outdoor recreation that is unique in British Columbia. Located in the heart of the Cascade Mountains it is within a three-hour drive from either the Lower Mainland (Vancouver) or the Okanagan. The climate and geography have combined to make this park an all-season recreation area. Skiing, hiking, camping, & biking are some of the many great activities that can be experienced at Manning. An extremely beautiful part of BC with much to offer!

Gear details/highlights:

  1. The Deuter Fox 40 is our kid-sized pack that’s perfect for a multi-day excursion.
  2. Combine the Fox 40 with Deuter’s youth specific sleeping bag—the Starlight EXP—and your young one will have an incredible experience on this Manning Park trip!

In summary...

Thanks again to our many followers on social media who shared the adventures they’ve planned for this summer. Awesome and inspiring! And a special thank you to Amanda, Cheryl, Tatum, and Lisa. Best of luck and safe travels this summer—don’t forget to keep us updated with #ROIrecreation.

What adventures do you have planned? If you want them featured or if you’re looking for ideas,  leave a comment below.

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