4 Backpacks for Kids Every Parent Should Know

As a parent, you already know that your child’s comfort and safety are of the utmost importance. But, you might be overlooking a key item that can dramatically affect their well-being: their backpack. This article focuses on 8 backpacks for kids that every parent should know about to make sure your child is well-equipped for school and other activities.

Why Backpacks are Important for Kids

Backpacks, often seen as a simple accessory for carrying books and school supplies, actually play a deeper and more meaningful role in the lives of children. Their importance goes beyond their basic functionality, and here we explore the multiple reasons that make the backpack an essential element in any child’s school stage:

Fosters Organization and Time Management

From an early age, having a backpack helps children develop organizational skills. It teaches them to manage and prioritize their time, as they need to prepare their backpack with the necessary materials for the following day. This responsibility prepares them for more complex tasks as they grow up.

Promotes Physical Health

A properly fitted and well-adjusted backpack can prevent posture issues and back pain. When children learn how to carry their backpack correctly, they also become aware of their posture, which is vital for their long-term physical development.

Encourages Creativity and Individuality

With a wide range of designs, colors, and styles available, backpacks offer an excellent opportunity for children to express their individuality and creativity. The simple act of choosing a backpack they like and that reflects their interests can be a significant boost to their self-esteem.

The best backpacks for kids in Canada available at ROI Recreation

best backpacks for kids in Canada

Are you looking for the perfect backpack for your child that combines functionality, durability, and style? Look no further. At ROI Recreation, the best distributors of premium products for an outdoor lifestyle, we are proud to present the best kids’ backpacks in Canada. Whether it’s for school, sports, or weekend trips, our backpacks are designed to meet all the needs of your little adventurers.

1- Deuter Kikki – Mandarine Redwood

We introduce you to one of the best backpacks for kids starting from 3 years old: the Kikki! Designed with adorable animal themes such as dogs, tigers, dragons, and rabbits, this backpack is more than eye-catching. With soft padding on the back and S-shaped straps with Soft-Edge finishes, your child will enjoy unparalleled carrying comfort.

Moreover, it is made with durable, PFC-free recycled fabric, making it a responsible choice for the planet. Certified by Green Button and bluesign®, this is a backpack that will delight both children and adults, perfect for kindergarten and beyond.

2- Deuter Pico – bloom ruby

Take comfort and sustainability to the next level with The Pico in bloom ruby. Ideal for little explorers ages 2 and up, this product is Green Button and bluesign(R) certified, ensuring the highest ethical and environmental standards are met.

With a 5-liter main compartment and elastic side pockets, your child will have all the room they need to carry their treasures during their daily adventures. Also, thanks to its versatility of use, it can become the ideal school bag for girls.

3- Deuter Schmusebär – azure lapis

Its user-friendly design features a single clip and a kid-friendly cord, making it easy to handle for little ones. Safety is also a priority; the reflective print ensures greater visibility on the way to daycare. The ample storage spaces, such as the lid pocket and side pockets, keep your child’s treasures safe.

Available in vibrant blue, gray, and magenta with exciting prints, this backpack also offers adjustable chest straps to ensure a perfect fit for all adventures.

Don’t miss out: equip your child with a Schmusebär backpack today and make their journey to daycare both fun and safe!

4- Deuter Overday

A perfect eco-friendly backpack for children aged 10 and up. Designed for maximum comfort, it features Deuter’s Contact back system and S-shaped shoulder straps with Soft-Edge finishing. Easily organize all their belongings with a wide U-shaped zipper, zippered compartments, and specific pockets for documents and cell phone.

Why is it one of the best backpacks for kids? The Overday is a tool to encourage independence and responsibility, all while taking care of the planet. Don’t wait any longer and get this beautiful backpack for kids.


In conclusion, equipping our kids with the right backpack is more than just a shopping task; it’s an investment in their comfort, organization and, ultimately, their school success. Each of the four backpacks for kids we’ve reviewed offers a number of benefits ranging from durability and ergonomic design to smart storage compartments and styles that make kids eager to show off their backpack to friends and teachers.

Taking the time to carefully select the best backpack is a small step that can offer big rewards. Making the right choice not only makes your child happy, but also gives you peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything you can to ensure their well-being.