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The Deuter SL Women's Specific Pack Line – Perfectly Shaped for a Woman's Physique

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“I get a lot of questions about my gear, and what pack I bring with me for day and overnight hikes. 7 years ago I set out on a 4-month backpacking trip through Asia with an AirContact 50L + 10L SL @deuter pack that my Father gave me. I have been using that same pack for every backpacking trip I’ve gone on since!”

— Brooke Willson

A good pack that is comfortable, durable, and lightweight is essential for adventures in the outdoors and the right fit will lighten every load. Above, Brooke is carrying an ACT Trail 28 SL. Light, clean, and super versatile—our ACT Trail Packs now appear in a fresh, sleek look. The sporty no-frills, all-rounders offer top Aircontact carrying comfort and many smart details (such as the fold away hip belt) that make them the right choice for hiking trips, via ferrata routes, as well as urban outings.

Experience the fit difference of a Deuter SL pack, designed by women for women.

Years ago Deuter, with a committee of female designers and female athletes, began designing packs specifically made to fit women better. They named this women’s specific line of packs Deuter SL, or Deuter Slimline. More than just men’s backpack models in a feminine colour – the entire pack system is perfectly shaped for a woman’s physique. You can recognize a Deuter SL pack by the yellow flower. 

• S-shaped shoulder straps reduce chafing while eliminating pressure points on your chest.
• Optimal height, width, and angle of the back and waist belt guarantee the best fit 
Comfortable in all terrain: our light and functional top-loaders for women are perfect for longer day hikes, mountain tours or via ferratas. The new ergonomic Aircomfort Sensic mesh back system keeps the Futura models light. It hugs the back comfortably and with the new fit system, provides maximum ventilation.
The functional Aircontact Lite back system convinces with sophisticated design and a perfect balance between carrying comfort, weight, and ventilation. The innovative Aircontact Lite back system provides ideal dissipation of damp air, offering perfect conditions for trekking and alpine climbs.

 “The difference is immediately noticeable and convincing…
On my tours, I only use Deuter SL.”

– Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner (Climbed all 14 8000s without bottle oxygen. A member of the Deuter SL development team since 2005.)

Deuter SL Women’s Fit Backpacks

Look for the Deuter Yellow Flower

There’s a Deuter SL Pack For Every Activity; Daypacks, Hiking, Trekking, Alpine, Winter Snow Sports, and now Child Carriers

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