Camino de Santiago

Our meticulously crafted gear is thoughtfully designed over centuries, to elevate your extensive hike experience.

Whether your Camino pilgrimage is by foot or bike, we have the gear for you.

Trust you back to Deuter’s lightweight, breathable, supportive backpacks for a comfortable walk.

Embrace the unmatched benefits of Devold of Norway’s premium merino apparel. Natural moisture-wicking properties, temperature regulation, and odor resistance. Apparel that adds less weight to your pack and multiple days use – just rinse and hang to dry in the sun to recharge.

Feet will thank you for choosing Devold Socks and hitting the trails in Kayland & Trezeta footwear will keep the blisters at bay; this Italian family brand is renowned for their craftsmanship quality and reliability; hiking is in their DNA.

You’re not just equipped with gear, but with trusted companions, that support your physical and spiritual well-being along the way.

Gear to Make your Trek More Enjoyable

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Make your pilgrimage memorable for the right reasons, with a pack that’s fully supportive, breathable, and lightweight! Hike with a clear conscience that your pack is crafted with environmental stewardship, fair working conditions for its workers and sustainability in mind.

Our backpacks are more than just gear, they are new a companion for the trail ahead.

Kayland Footwear

Kayland designs focus on foot anatomy and dynamics, resulting in the ultimate in fit, comfort and performance on the trail, approach to the crag or on the quest to summit. Their footwear is built for the true enthusiast looking for a forward-thinking brand that invests much time in meticulous materials selection, innovative design and proper biomechanical fit. It’s time to get fit for a pair of Kayland boots or shoes to help you get to your next destination.

Devold Merino

Wool isn’t just good for you, it’s also a good choice for the environment. We work with carefully selected farmers who take good care of both the animals and the soil. Our clothes are designed in Norway and we own our factory. You can be sure that the working conditions in our factory are decent and that we use state-of-the-art equipment. Unlike any synthetic counterpart, your Devold woollen will be gentle on nature while you wear it and, because of wool’s natural, self-cleaning properties, it’ll make for much less laundry than other clothing.


Perfect for exploring new cities on your travels, trekking on meandering paths, or hiking to that elusive waterfall for a well-deserved dip. Whatever your plans, Trezeta boots and shoes are up to the task and will provide you the fit and comfort Trezeta has been perfecting for decades. The combination of Italian craftsmanship, advanced traction and Water Stopper membrane will allow you to stay out all day in any condition.

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