Colltex Mix Skins

The sturdiest climbing skin among all colltex ski skins. The sophisticated pile made of 65% mohair and 35% polyamide ensures a maximum of abrasion resistance and, thus, the long life of the product. Excellent climbing and good gliding characteristics at all temperatures.
The ideal skin for the all-rounder.

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Material 65% mohair 35% polyamide.
Colour Blue.
Grip 5 Stars
Glide 4 Stars
Touring type All around.
Advantage Long lasting perfect for every snow condition.
Weight 202G: 1skin, no fixation.

Skin fit

145 length fits 151cm to 160cm ski

155 length fits 161cm to 170cm ski

165 length fits 171cm to 180cm ski

175 length fits 181cm to 190cm ski

185 length fits 191cm to 200cm ski

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 91 cm
Size (Length-Width)

150cm-110mm, 150cm-120mm, 150cm-130mm, 155cm-140mm, 160cm-110mm, 160cm-120mm, 185cm-120mm


Skin Length Ski Length
145CM 151-160CM
155CM 161-170CM
165CM 171-180CM
175CM 181-190CM
185CM 191-200CM

Technical Features


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