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FUBUKI (吹雪), the way people know it today, was founded in Stockholm, in late 2018, by two Swedish skiers/university students. 2018, however, was not the year things originally started. The idea behind the company was formed two years earlier when one of the two founders returned from a 30-day long ski trip to Niseko, Japan. Among the many things he had fallen in love with during the trip, the most noteworthy one was the orange rubber boots he had seen on the feet of the local mountain workers.

In fact, his fascination for these boots, looks and function, immediately caused him to start working on his own version of them. When later joined by his partner in crime, it didn’t take long before FUBUKI was a fact. The name? Meaning “snowstorm” in Japanese, FUBUKI was an obvious pick.


niseko 2.0

We know you have tried on at least one pair of winter boots before. Try to forget about those for a second. Niseko is something different. When we say “light”, we mean light as in “people get a minor shock the first time they pick them up”. When we say resistant, we mean resistant as in “people with cold feet literally send us thank you-notes”. When we say comfortable, we mean comfortable as in “people have a hard time taking them off”. Again, Niseko is something different. It’s the boot you’ve always looked for, yet, never been able to find – until now.

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They have set out to create the world’s most comfortable winter boots.

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