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Waldfuchs 14

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The Forest Fox now has a big brother! The robust Forest Kindergarten backpack has been proven over many years and is?recommended by and jointly developed with the Regional Association of Forest and Nature Kindergarten in Bavaria. It is so easy for kids to use and contains everything they need to enjoy an exciting day at the Forest kindergarten: drinks bottle, snack box, saw and waterproof trousers. There’s even enough room for treasure found in the forest. But there are also young adventurers who need a bigger and more stable companion. Forest Fox 14 is the one for them.

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Colour:?petrol-kiwi (blue-green)
Article ID:?3610117-3214
Weight:?460 g
Volume:?14 litres
Size:?40 / 24 / 16 (H x W x D) cm

1 review for Waldfuchs 14

  1. Upstream Forest School Parent

    This is the perfect pack for Forest School kids.
    Our kids have them for over two years and they are showing no wear. Anything bigger is too hard for the kids to carry. Anything smaller doesn’t have room for an extra layer.

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