3700819 : Exosphere -10° SL – petrol-mango


Our PFC-free synthetic sleeping bags are the solution for trekkers looking for an optimal warmth-to-weight ratio. Elastic chamber seams keep the synthetic sleeping bag close to the body. It’s expandable by 25% in width. This offers lots of freedom of movement and allows the sleeping bag to warm-up quickly since the sleeper doesn’t need to heat up much air. The 360-degree filling makes sure that you can toss and turn in your sleep without getting cold. The identically elaborate filling on top and bottom sides guarantees you 360-degree warmth in any position. The new functional contour hood wraps snuggly around the head. The raised, diagonally cut foot section ideally adapts to the natural foot posture. New materials ensure a comfortable and low-noise sleeping climate.

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Colour:?petrol-mango (turquoise-orange)
Article ID:?3700819-3911
Weight:?1780 g + 100 g pack sack
Length:?198 cm
till Bodysize:?175 cm
Shoulder Width:?68 cm
Bottom Width:?43 cm
Pack-Size:?? 22 cm x 35 cm
Outer lining:
Inner lining:
Fill:?Deuter Thermo ProLoft?
Fillweight:?1180 g


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