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Knee High | Targeted, Light Cushion | Active, Graduated Compression

Long lines standing, long concourses to walk, hours of sitting and waiting, flights that cause swelling in your lower extremities; travel can really take a toll on us! Take our Traveler’s Compression along and you’ll arrive feeling energetic, refreshed, and ready to go! With 15-20 mmHg graduated compression, the Traveler’s Compression supports circulation and helps reduce swelling and fatigue. More than just a compression sock, Dri-Stride? patented technology keeps your feet drier, comfortable, and blister free.

15?20 mmHg graduated, active compression.
Improves circulation, reduces lower leg swelling, improves stamina, helps muscles recover from exertion more quickly and helps reduce risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).
Cushioned under the foot, cushion free upper for comfort.
Mesh body for ventilation and thermal regulation.
Patented Dri-Stride? System.
Alpaca/Merino Wool in Absorption Zones.
Therma-Dri? in Transfer & Evaporation Zones.
Great for flying, travel, hiking, walking, sitting or standing for prolonged periods.

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