Devold Camoflower Exclusive

Camoflower Signature Baselayer — An ROI Online Exclusive

Innovation Inspired by Tradition

Camoflower is a new Signature base layer from Devold of Norway and is only available in Canada at ROI Recreation Outfitters online.

Signature garments are super soft, warm and versatile, made from 100% Merino wool, with a body-hugging fit and classic knit patterns. The breathable wool material in the jacquard knit feels soft against the skin and is naturally odour resistant. These garments are perfect either as leisurewear or as a highly insulating underwear or base layer. The Signature patterns, Alnes, Ona, Islender, and now Camoflower, are a part of Devold’s heritage and work just as well in urban areas as in the mountains.

Material: 100% Merino Wool
Weight: Warm 210-230 g/m2
Fiber: Fine: 18.7 micron

Camoflower Women’s Shirt         Camoflower Women’s Long John        Devold Signature Line

Jørgine Massa Vasstrand, best known as @Funkygine, is one of the world’s most inspiring fitness influencers. Funkygine shares her birthplace with Devold, and has grown up with Devold wool closest to her body. Movement is key for Funkygine and wool is her preferred base layer and running gear of choice. Pictured above, Funkygine models the new Camoflower shirt and long john in raw white. Follow Funkygine on Instagram or check out her blog

Proper layering of clothing is one of the most fundamental concepts for outdoor activities. The layers of clothes must be moisture-wicking, insulate and protect against weather and wind.

In cold weather, or when active and perspiring, what you wear next to your skin is especially important. Merino fibre is nature’s own little miracle, making it possible to produce garments that can absorb and release moisture, to cool down or heat up your body as needed—you warm up quickly, but because of the exceptional breathability of Merino wool fabrics, you don’t overheat. These qualities make pure Merino wool garments ideal for most activities—in all kinds of weather, for every season.

Superior Merino Wool Apparel Designed and Tested in Norway — Milled, Knit, and Distributed by Devold From Europe
Devold has developed superior long-strand Merino wool apparel with unrivaled comfort, quality, and protection for 165 years. They are international pioneers in the development of innovative Merino wool products designed for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and professionals who work and play in demanding outdoor conditions. The secret— Intense focus on quality. For more information on Devold and their Merino Wool garments, click here: Devold


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