Recreation Outfitters Inc. is based in beautful Vancouver, British Columbia. The company has been a importer, manufacturer and distributor of outdoor products, skiing and snowboard products and outdoor lifestyle products for over 35 years.

Being based in Vancouver has a number of obvious advantages if you are in this business most importantly, we are surrounded by the natural amenities that allow us to test, use, thrash, torture and review all of the outdoor products we sell. It allows us to be in close contact with a community of athletes that in some cases are among the best of the best and know what works and what is hype. Our backyard is as close as 15 minutes away to world-class climbing, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, whitewater kayaking, paragliding, hiking, trailrunning, kayaking, windsurfing, ski touring, mountaineering....really there is not too much you can't do except maybe...well perhaps...rely on the weather!

All of our employees are passionate outdoor enthusiasts that take full advantage of the rich surroundings and natural playground that surround us.

So if you find yourself coming up or over our way, send us a note to let us know you are coming, We would love to show you around the place or direct you to our favourite sometimes secret spots.

Please email info@roirecreation.com for more information.