colltex - an Icon in the ski touring industry

Located in the spectacular town of Glarus in Switzerland, they have been making touring ski skins for over 40 years!

Colltex® adhesive ski skins revolutionized the ski-skin market in 1968 and today they are known as the highest quality skins made. They are the largest manufacturer of Mohair skins. A natural fibre material that has been proven to significantly reduce drag when touring. This translates into huge efficiency and energy gains for the ski tourer - according to independent studies up to a 20% reduction in drag! Guides and World Cup Ski Mountaineering racers have known about this for years.

Constant improvements and ongoing development mean that Colltex® adhesive ski skins offer maximum performance. The latest improvement is new inorganic pressure sensitive glue. This ct40 glue is a new era in adhesive skin technology, it works across a temperature range from -50 C to +50C. The molecules of the glue change orientation under pressure to provide the needed adhesion. No more fighting with stuck together skins, no more poor performance as temperatures fluctuate throughout the season.

You won't find a better skin!



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